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Why should you choose to work with Sarah Marcus?

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You will often hear that everything is negotiable regarding the purchase or sale of property. While that's true in many cases, it doesn't apply to choosing the best Realtor® for your specific situation. Sarah has proven time and again that she is a powerful negotiator and will work tirelessly on your behalf. For over 20 years, Sarah has studied the art of real estate and looks forward to sharing her expertise with you.



Good communication is the key to ANY healthy relationship. It's especially helpful when searching for a home. It's so important to hire a Realtor® who understands your needs and works to enrich the experience by working tirelessly to find the perfect match in your next home. It's also important to utilize today's intuitive technology while scouring the Internet.

Sarah ensures that all of her clients have access to one of the best search tools available.



Pricing a home to sell is certainly more of an art than a science especially in the Bay Area. Only a true real estate market expert can provide you with an accurate assessment of your home's value.
Many of the leading services which provide estimates of homes' value simply can't keep up with the pace of the industry and the niche market nuances that only people who are in the field daily can speak to.
It's okay to start your research online but It's ALWAYS best to put away the screens and find a Realtor® who can be your friend, confidant, and most importantly the bulldog negotiator with your end goal in mind at all times. 


“She made the daunting task of selling my home quick and as painless as possible. She is professional and her knowledge of the real estate market helped me close for SO MUCH more than what I thought I could get for my home! I have recommended her to several of my colleagues already.” 


—  Annie, Seller

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